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It Takes A Village

Feb 7, 2022

"A Child Born to Another Woman"

We are often asked why we chose to foster in hopes to adopt. The answer is easy: we really wanted to be parents. Our journey to parenthood wasn’t easy but I can honestly say I wouldn’t change who God chose to make my babies.

Jan 17, 2022

A Mother’s Regrets

To my newborn son: The world to which you have been born is anything but certain and for that I am sorry. I am sorry for my self-consuming fear. For spending more time thinking about how to keep you safe in the present than I do dreaming about your tomorrow. 

Jan 1, 2022

The Single Parent Juggling Act

Imagine you’ve been handed three balls, each representing something in your life- children, career and self. You’re instructed to juggle and do so with ease after a few attempts. Confident with your skill, you’re now told you need to stand on one foot to continue juggling! When I’m asked what it’s like to be a single mom this is exactly what I imagine I look like.

Jan 1, 2022

A High School Perspective on Motherhood

Working at Mama and Me has taught me so many things, including that it is ok to not know what you're doing in motherhood. There is a lot of improvising, everyone is nervous but you must trust your instincts. Also, no one raises a child the same way. There might be similar things that you do when raising your child but it is all about finding your own way...

Sep 25, 2019

The Mama and Me Beginning

...It took Ryan and I almost a full month to find our groove (if there is such a thing). And I realized: even if I couldn't quickly regain my big-girl words or spring my body back to pre-baby-bliss, I COULD tame that torrent of baby accouterments. I COULD change the way my home and personal style reflect who I am and who I want my baby to see me as. Oh, I also started showering again. That shouldn't go unsaid.
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