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The Mama and Me Beginning

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September 25, 2019

Today my sweet little girl, Ryan, turns two months old. Everyone kept telling me to cherish the little moments, that time will fly. Wow, were they right! It seems like I spent the first few weeks in a daze, trying to figure out what the heck just happened and what the heck I was supposed to do next. See, I was the mom that read every pregnancy book under the sun, every single one. What I hadn’t prepared for, was “what to expect” after pregnancy. For example, no one told me I would stop showering or wearing makeup for almost a full month. That my once articulate vocabulary would turn into the full list of non-words, grunts, and deep sighs. That my body would take on a new form, unrecognizable to what once existed. Or that my house would look like Sesame Street vomited in every room. 

It took Ryan and I almost a full month to find our groove (if there is such a thing). And I realized: even if I couldn't quickly regain my big-girl words or spring my body back to pre-baby-bliss, I COULD tame that torrent of baby accouterments. I COULD change the way my home and personal style reflect who I am and who I want my baby to see me as. Oh, I also started showering again. That shouldn't go unsaid.  



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