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"Mama Birthing Kit"

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Get ready, get set...get everything you need for the big day!

Kit comes in a travel-ready wet/dry bag and includes:

  • Sanity Spray™ Facial Mist (Fresh Rose): For those overwhelming and exhausting moments that pop up during long labors and the first few days of recovery (Hallelujah).
  • Hello Sunshine™ Brightening Eye Cream: When makeup isn't a thing anymore but pictures are (you're welcome).
  • Organic Lip Balm (Very Vanilla): You'll want it. You'll need it. You'll be glad you got it.
  • Outta Hand™ Travel Size Hand Sanitizing Gel (Lavender): Because, don't even think about touching that Tiny Human with dirty hands!
  • Nipple Crack™ Nipple Balm (Certified Organic): Breastfeeding isn't always kind to your nipples, but this certified USDA Organic nipple balm is. A bestseller and essential for all breastfeeding moms!