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Adult Temporary Tattoo:  2 Pack

Adult Temporary Tattoo: 2 Pack

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Conscious Ink is the first company ever to create temporary tattoos for adults that offer meaningful, supportive and inspirational words, quotes and affirmations! 

These long lasting temporary tattoos have been purposefully designed to stay vibrant for days on end by making sure the tattoo lines aren't too thin. Use a little rubbing alcohol to prep skin for even longer wear.

If you're looking for realistic temporary tattoos, you've come to the right place! Conscious Ink has meticulously designed each tattoo to look like the real thing. You'll be amazed out how real our fake tattoos look!

 Our long lasting Temporary Tattoos last 2-5 days on average (up to 10) depending on skin type, usage and application. They're safe, non-toxic and made with all-natural FDA certified colorants. 

Happy manifesting to you!

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