Booking Information

Dates and Time Ranges

  • A minimum four-hour rental period is required.
  • IMPORTANT: The start time you reserve becomes the earliest time anyone with your group may enter the room - such as to decorate, deliver food or setup equipment. Be sure to reserve enough time for your needs. Any time you do not reserve may be reserved by others.
  • Reservation times are firm. Unused time is not refunded.
  • Rental requests for major holiday dates (Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter) are dependent on staff availability.
  • A minimum 45-minute gap is required for our cleaning crew between any two events in the same room.
  • After-hours reservation requests, especially those crossing over midnight into the next day, will initially be placed 'on hold' until staff can be confirmed for the event. This might not be possible for short-notice requests (less than two weeks).

Food and Drink

  • You are welcome to provide all desired food and beverages for your event, to permit others to bring food or to hire any caterer of your choice.
  • Alcohol service is permitted on the condition you are not charging a monetary value for beverages or selling beverages. 

Room Setup

When making your reservation, please tell us if you would like specific changes to room layout or furniture set-up prior to event. Our crew will setup complimentary tables and chairs according to your requested plans.

Important setup notes:

  • Most table decor and free-standing room decor is permitted. However, decor which affixes to walls, ceilings, doors or windows is generally not permitted - especially where any tapes, adhesives, hooks, tacks or screws would be involved.
  • Common open-flame candles candles are not permitted. However, electric candles and candles floating in non-flammable water-filled vessels are permitted.
  • Please bring your own extension cords and power strips.

A $25 non-refundable cleaning fee will be charged to all event, at time of departure. 

 Cancelation Policy

  • Rental deposit is required to hold desired Event Date and prevents others from booking. For this reason, deposit is non-refundable regardless of cancellation.

  • Cancelation may occur any time up to 15 days prior to the Event Date by providing written notice of such election to Lessor and will not result in remaining balance to be paid  

    • Rental deposit and cleaning fee and remaining balance are required if cancelation occurs 14 days prior to the Event Date.